Advice on Media 24

We live in an increasingly digital age and whilst this interconnectivity and increased communication can be a wonderful resource it is also an area of concern for Educators and Parents alike.

If like myself you are a parent who has grown up without much of the technology readily available, Internet, interactive video games, twitter, social media, then you may sometimes find yourself wondering what guidelines to set for your children.

From a psychological perspective, repeated exposure to any stimuli will undoubtedly cause a desensitization affect after a while. This, might apply to video violence, bad language and inappropriate images. Whilst most parents will not allow their (under age) child to view an 18 rated film, when it comes to video games this guideline is more often overlooked.

 As pre teens start experimenting with social media a whole new arena is opened up- that of identity and body image. With constant feedback from peers and an ‘emerging need’ to document one’s life story digitally, I can see a certain new pressure on children and teens to view themselves through the ‘eyes’ of Instagram and how many likes they have for a particular photo!

My intention was to write a brief word on this subject and I have to stop myself from going on as I feel quite strongly about it! More will follow!

I think rather that the punitive route we should aim to educate- ourselves as parents and our children so that they can use digital resources in a respectful and safe manner. I would like to recommend the following website which provides answers to FAQ and some helpful guidelines.